Arabic Beginner Plus

Mon 4.30pm-6.30pm
Najwa Sugheir 07476 512 801

With this course you will learn the basic Arabic through a combination of dialogues, games and quizzes to improve and encourage learning. You learn to read, write and speak the language in a variety of situations.

Arabic Lower Intermediate
Tues. 6.30pm-8.00pm
Maha Al-khazragi: 07849 057 365

This course is perfectly suited to those with some knowledge of Arabic and looking to improve their knowledge and their language skills. You will be able to communicate with more variation and fluency, to feel confident in most everyday situations with Arabic speakers and to broaden your understanding of the Arabic culture and way of life.  A challenging, but rewarding class!



Odile Thivillier: 0161 445 6524

Intermediate - Mon 10.00am–12.00 noon
Conversation (Advanced) - Mon 1.00pm–3.00pm
Conversation (Advanced) - Mon 5.45pm–7.45pm WL
Level 3 - Tues 10.00am–12.00 noon
Level 2 - Tues 1.30pm–3.30pm
Level 1 - Wed 10.00am–12.00 noon
For people who have studied French for 2 years
Beginners Plus -  Wed12 noon–2.00pm
This is not a complete beginners' class
Conversation (Intermediate) - Thurs 10.00am–12.00 noon WMC
Conversation (Intermediate) - Thurs 1.00pm–3.00pm WMC
Conversation (Advanced) - Fri 10.00am–12.00 noon WMC


Amparo Dial:

Spanish Elementary: Revision  - Mon 10.30am-12.30pm
Spanish Conversation Advanced - Mon 3.15pm–5.15pm
Spanish Conversation Intermediate - Thurs 9.45am–11.45am
Spanish Elementary  - Thurs 11.45 -1.45pm
Spanish Intermediate - Thurs 2.00pm–4.00pm
Spanish Beginners 2 - Thurs 4.00pm–6.00pm


Pasqualina Miniaci: 0161 225 4226

Italian Beginners Plus

Fri 11.00am-12.00noon
For students who already at least have some knowledge of the language. (one hour session)

Italian Intermediate

Fri 12.00noon-1.00pm
For people who have studied the language for a few years but need the practice and confidence to become fluent (one hour session).


See INDEPENDENT Groups at Union Chapel, for details. 

Students who are unsure of what level they are at, ring the tutor, or go along to a class and talk to the tutor.

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